Hamish Williams grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, “in a cottage ‘neath the mountain,” as his school song proudly declared, and a stone’s throw from the sea too. He has spent a good few years wandering through the mythical lands of Minoan Crete, Troy, Atlantis, and Middle-earth from the safety of his desk; still, he has been known to leave his hobbit hole (now located in Groningen, the northernmost part of the Netherlands) for some occasional adventures.

Tales from Basthinia

Book 1: The Southern Tide


Tricked into signing a royal contract, Oliver Lamb has precious little time for preparations before he is whisked off to Basthinia; there he must find a way to defend the country of Laubendum against an invasion of Sarcynthians, a southern tide flooding northwards and devouring everything in its path. Oliver and his schoolfriends Sage and Peregrin must navigate their way through squabbling senators, secretive monks, and cumbersome bureaucrats in the capital city, Nova Marmoxa, in order to help put aside national prejudices and discover what is really blighting the lands of Basthinia. To manage this, Oliver not only adjusts to a new look, courtesy of a magical medallion, but also takes part in many hazardous adventures – underground and overground, upstream and downtown – before he comes face to face with a most dangerous enemy at journey’s end.

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